Here are the meeting notes as a .pdf file:  SWCC Education Committee Minutes 2018-01-24.pdf

The Education Committee of the SW Common Council

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

6:30 to 8:00 pm at

Arnett Branch Library, 310 Arnett Boulevard

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Joe Baldino                School #29 Principal, 490-2245,

Pamela Bollar             Aenon Church, 19th Ward

John Boutet                SWCC Education Committee Chair, 328-4271,

Eleanor Coleman        OACES & ProsperRochester, Inc. 224-5119,

Liz Hallmark                RCSD Board, 414-7285,

Kevin Holman             Roxie Sinkler Rec Ctr, 428-7827,

Dan DeMarle               19th Ward, 328-5982,

John Laing                  19WCA Schools Comm & Sch #16 Vol, 235-5236,

Jennifer Lenio             Rochester Public Libraries (South District), 428-8272,

Library News

  • Wheatley – Homework Tutor every Wed & Thur, 4-6pm; Resume Writing for Teens every Tuesday, 4-5pm; Tech Help by Literacy Navigators, Mon-Thurs – times vary

  • Arnett – Gardening Workshop, 1/30, 10:30-11:30am; Literacy Navigator every Monday 12-3

School #3 – Gail Evans

  • No report.

School #10 – Update – Lee Loomis, Volunteer Coordinator

  • No more room in the building; getting excited about going to Marshall for one year while School #10 is renovated

School #16 – Update – John Laing

  • March 22, Project Fair Night, 6pm

  • Staffing for School 16 Community Center may come from Adan Street rather than Flint Street Rec Center.

School #29 Update - Joe Baldino, Principal

  • Ballard painting will take place again; great way to interact with neighbors

  • Capital Improvement Planning Process – paths through gardens for disabled students (lining up people to help with vegetables); more parking spots; ½ court basketball court; expansion planned for playground to provide setting for children with disabilities to interact with children who do not have disabilities.

  • Focusing on inclusion activities – family event and trip to Letchworth Park planned

  • IT working on expanding social media reach

Work w/ AQE/Metro Justice on Behalf of School #41 – update from Lisa Whitlow, Principal

  • AQE/Metro Justice staff are at tonight’s parent meeting with Superintendent Deane-Williams at School #41. Superintendent is going to share updates on the plan for the new “41” and also seek parent input.

  • State offers District 3 options when school is under-performing: close school, close school and reopen it new school or put it into external receivership. Decision is that School 41 will be closed and reopened. Current principal is very responsive and has made many positive changes but will have to leave due to State Law. They did post for the new principal.

  • There should be another Superintendent/parent meeting 2/13 in School 41 cafeteria.

  • Not clear how many teachers will have to be let go.

  • Mercedes Phalen – AQE/MJ is trying to set up a parent committee

  • No word on whether location is a brownfield or not.

School #44 Update Donna Gattelaro-Anderson - Principal

  • They are still being threatened with closing. Staff meeting tomorrow morning from 8:30-9 with Chief Green letting staff know information about school’s status in regards to staying open or closing; Donna Gattelaro-Anderson, requested that community be able to attend this meeting. John Boutet and John Laing will attend.

Wilson Commencement Update

  • No report.

Managed Choice Task Force Update Liz Hallmark

  • Lots of steps – first thing to look at is seat capacity and transportation across the district; District will be reporting out this Saturday from 11-3.

  • Mary Adams has resigned from the Board. We have 3 new Board members: Beatriz Lebron – Schools 10, 16, 29; Natalie Sheppard – School 41, OACES, Wilson High School; Melanie Funchess – School 44, Wilson Foundation (assignments to be confirmed)

  • New changes being proposed for Special Education; many staff lost this year spreading work out among less psychologists, etc. Dr. Elliot’s report laid out a lot of suggesting that they are working through.


  • CFC YouthBuild program to be held at OACES is ramping up – will serve 16-24 year olds by teaching construction skills and moving them toward high school equivalencies; goal is for construction jobs or college. Eleanor will contact Derrick Coley from Library’s Safe to Be Smart program for recruitment.

City Recreation - Kevin Holman

  • Downsizing now at Adams St Rec attached to School #3 to remodel locker rooms and kitchen area

  • Summer of 2019, Flint St. closing down for remodeling

  • All Rec Centers – Fun Fridays; free lessons and skate rental from 12-1 this Friday. Each Friday has a new highlight.

  • Mural programs include youth who have been “hired” to help the artists create the murals.

RCSD: The Path Forward – 10-year plan; which schools will be renovated, etc. Meeting on Saturday from 11-3 to report out.

Walk-in Items - John Laing

  • Spelling Bee Update – 10 students showed last week for tutoring; UR fraternity created a crossword puzzle for the words to incorporate meaning. Next Spelling Bee is 4/21 at UR. Practice is Saturday’s 10-11 at Arnett.

Scribe Services: Eleanor Coleman, ProsperRochester Inc., 224 -5119,

SWCC Education Committee Chair: John Boutet, 328-4271,

19thWCA Schools Committee Chair: John Laing, 235-5236,

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