I recently joined the Location 19 website to make you aware of a college bar that is opening in my neighborhood.  I am a longtime resident on S Plymouth Ave and I just became aware of a gentleman that is trying to open up a college bar at 1155 S Plymouth Ave.  This is the same gentleman that has been buying up properties for students and evicting my friends and neighbors.  I do not think the neighborhood needs a college bar.  We will be inundated with drunk college kids on Friday and Saturday nights.  The city and neighborhood must stand up to prevent this bar.  It will only bring trouble.  The bar name is Plymouth Roc.  That is the same name of the gang that terrorized our streets years ago.  We do not need this.  We do not want this. 


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Against my better judgement of acknowledging these outrageous accusations, I want to make it perfectly clear that I have nothing to hide. I don't know who this is I am talking to right now, as you are using "Eula" in the third person. I don't know what you are talking about. The only person that has done any confronting of these issues is indeed YOU, not the people supposedly making these allegations. We have not heard anything from them, nor have any of the details of these allegations been explained. They continue to be vague second hand allegations. At this time I am clearly stating that if you or any of the individuals making these allegations would like to come forward and clearly say what it is that you are trying to say, everyone would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise please stop with this hearsay nonsense. This is meant to be a forum for the development of ideas and goal oriented discussion, not unfounded anonymous allegations.

This is the last time I will address these unfounded second hand allegations. If you are not willing to disclose the details of the allegations, There is absolutely no point in continuing to make them. For the fourth time I am telling you, that I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with you, or any of the individuals, making these allegations transparent and posting them. Otherwise just STOP. 

You did not answer it at all. It was a vicious accusation.

It is really a shame that a positive discussion among so many residents should be poisoned by a vicious attack. Most of us think what you are doing on that corner is great, and having a nice deli and restaurant on that corner can only be an improvement.

I wholeheartedly agree! Hard to understand why anyone would be against the kind of investment Mr. D'Alessandro is willing to put into that location. It will be a major improvement to that corner and appreciate in value all the other properties around it, including the Brother's Club!

Exactly!  :-)

 THE BROTHER CLUB dont have a problem with his kind of investment  we have a problem with racial remarks,being made by anyone in the area.or anyone following children and making threats to them if u see a kid doing something and you follow them onto there property you should try to address the parent of that person not try scare tactice this can cause a problem that I certaintly dont want to happen in this area.

Eula, those are very serious accusations.  Who has been stalking children and threatening them?

 we are not attacting anyone we only response to what is said to us are about us.We will at the hearing have the Lady that had thoes petion signed and she will state what she said to people signing thoes petions and what they said to her.We were petioned against however no one said anything about it I wonder why? we have improved the inside and out side of the BROTHERSCLUB SINCE WE TOOK OVER

 I didnt post thoes  letters because I dont know if what these people are sayin is true about Anthony I gave the letters back to the women and told them to take it to the hearing.they are acussing him of several things that I wouldn't approve of If they are true. There has been other discussions with Anthony at a meeting about things he say and how they were taken to be offensive.I don't know what to belive I just pray for saftey in this area,I also pray for the 2 teenagers that was shot Thursday @1pm on Jefferson and Magnolia st less than 3 blocks from Anthony bldg and my bldg 

 Anthony and Ms.Warren you both have a right to speak your mind and I do to,I spoke with John today and we have decided that there is a place for everything and we will give you full details on what we have on May 14 at the business meeting.I have also called the women and ask them if they want to post there letters on this site.Ms.Warren you have already formed your opion that I am wrong and that's your choice i dont care what you think I care about the community and I have not taken any side Anthony  I really dont think you want this stuff posted rather its true or not however if these Ladies want to post there letters I will alow them to come to my place and post them to this posting.I have a rightr to talk about  anything that concerns the community on this site whether you think so or not and to say that I am attacking you is wrong,you posted the petion on the site and accused us of fasley having people sign something they were not aware of when John and I had spent a day on the phone with you concerning that.Now you and Ms.Warren want to say I am starting a vicious attack on you.I could say you started a VICIOUS ATTACK on John and myself when you posted thoes petions and accused us of not telling people what they were sigining and to be honest John are I did not have anyone sign anything however the lady responsible for the petion will be at the meeting and the people that went around and got signutures.

I have attempted to stay current with this thread but it's a bit confusing (to say the least). May i suggest that some of this conversation has become a 'he said/she said/they said' and that this is really unhelpful? Clearly, there are some strong feelings about a number of issues including college students, race, petitions, business development and free speech - can we please find a way to discuss issues/facts without attacking one another and/or accusing people of secret motives?

Perhaps it's time for Eula and Anthony to sit down 1:1 and have some private conversation as it is really easy to misinterpret motive/intent through words on a screen.


Thank you Margy for your good advice.  I am sure everyone in this conversation is interested in seeing the intersection of Plymouth, Jefferson and Cottage Streets thriving, prosperous and peaceful.  Communicating online can help resolve some misunderstandings but nothing replaces face-to-face discussions, particularly when emotions start clouding the issues.


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